Alexis Levine (she/her)

Hi! I’m a graphic designer based in Philadelphia, PA.
I’ve been working as a designer for an advertising agency called Levitate Foundry since August 2021.
Before that, I worked as a student designer at the university I graduated with my degree from for about 2 years.
I have a BFA in Graphic Design & Interactive Media with a concentration in communication design from UW-Stout.

When I’m not designing, you can probably find me eating sushi in my pajamas, playing Animal Crossing, or daydreaming about spending time in the outdoors.

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All work is intellectual property of Levitate Foundry and it’s creative director Stephanie Liu, and it’s respective clients.

Greener 100 is the name of the mock organization I created for my senior thesis project. The name is meant to represent sustainablility for 100% of the population, which is the core mission of the organization as well - to provide universal access to sustainable living, broken down on a local level. Communities could apply to receive & implent the services Greener 100 has to offer, and representatives from said community could meet with leaders at Greener 100 to create an itemized plan for the specified area.
The main deliverable of this project is a booklet that contains information on sustainable options that are specific to the community that has chosen to work with Greener 100. The booklet would contain information breaking down sustainable local businesses and what they offer, as well as sustainable options from any other (large or small) businesses in the area, as well as a reusable acetate shopping list, applications and prepaid mailers for community members to apply for Greener 100 memberships that would offer them benefits for local partners such as rideshare or delivery services that could be useful to members of the community with limited access to sustainability. Other deliverables of this project include an Instagram account, a website designed for mobile & desktop viewing, and a presentation outlining all the features of the organization.
May 2021